green initiatives

At Progressive Graphics, we have long been protective of our environment.

At every point in the printing processes, we look at each step to reduce environmental impact by eliminating waste and recycling wherever possible. Improvements in place to be greener & leaner are:

  • Proper planning to minimize waste throughout the manufacturing process before any project enters production.
  • Specify papers that have recycled content, recycle all paper waste, and promote sustainable papers.
  • Printing plates (aluminum) made using an environmentally safe process, and then recycled after use.
  • Inks that are pine resin, vegetable or soy based; all of which avoid use of petroleum, and then recycle them, along with cleaning solvents, after use.
  • Manage our facility to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.
  • Mailing department exercises database hygiene to qualify or eliminate mail list records to improve delivery.
  • NCOA(Change Of Address) list criteria Improvement steps to maximize delivery of lists to reduce postage costs.
  • Produce effective mailings, by suggesting size and weights to meet postal specs, yet maximize impact to readers.
  • Focus mailing lists to identify only prospects that buy your product/service, thereby shortening the press runs.
  • Virginia Green: An organization of Virginia businesses focused on providing Green products and services to its customers.
  • Print Grows Trees: An industry effort to educate the public that paper is a useful, renewable resource; that employs millions of Americans and actually perpetuates planting of more trees year after year.

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