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5 Star Review from Client_#1:

5 Star Review from Client_#2:

5 Star Review from Client_#3:

Feedback from our clients:

"Thank you Matt! And thank you for producing the mailing in such a timely fashion. You and Progressive Graphics are great!

Will forward the template to the Designer.
Enjoy your day,


"Jerry, We are so happy over here at ForRent!!! You all are THE BEST!! The books look amazing! Thank you for the RUSH on these!"

-Brittany D.



Sales folders delivered in Markham, ON , Canada this morning by 10:30.
Tell Jerry and the whole crew�.THANK YOU and GREAT SERVICING.

Order placed Tuesday, produced and delivered in Canada Friday morning, just in time, for use at the Toronto, CFA franchise show.
All that happened before we could even generate a PO #. We will have that number in the next 3 hours.

Super job, and thanks again.

- Tom S."

"Subject: Re: Press Proof today
Thanks Jerry. The proof looked great, and David was really helpful!
You guys have been a pleasure to work with. Thanks again!"
- Tricia L.

This is an overdue e-mail....the folders are FABULOUS!!! Thank you soooo much!
Have a great rest of the week!"
- Colleen

"Thank you! You did a very good job, all expectations were met and the job turned out far better than I imagined."
-Cole J.

"The printing looks great. Thanks so much. Please also thank the staff!"
- Aaron B.
"Dear Jerry,
I truly appreciate your assistance with our recent design dept. transition. Your responsiveness and consideration are really making a difference. Thank you!"
- Lisa J.
"Gary - Just a note to say Thank You to Progressive Graphics for printing our Call to Entries - an awesome job! Please pass along our well wishes & thanks to all that had a hand in to make our first mailer great! Best Regards"
- Dotti
"Gary, I got the samples yesterday and the job looks great! Please thank Kurt and Gerry for putting in so much time on this job, and thank you for checking it on press. It is nice to have a printer I know, and I know you all, and trust. Thanks!!"
- Cat
"Hi, Jerry - I've been meaning to drop you an email to tell you how delighted we were with the brochures you all just did for us here! Not only were we impressed with the quality and the very competitive price, but my staff couldn't say enough good things about how professional you all were and what a pleasure it was to work with you. We are so happy to find such a great operation! Thank you so much!"
- Suzanne P.
"Dear Mr. Williams, Thank you for taking the time to meet with me the other day. I really enjoyed talking with you and your staff, and checking out the facilities at Progressive Graphics. The samples you provided to me will definitely come in handy. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Sincerely, Jill S."
"Jerry: Sometimes words are not enough to express one's gratitude for what you did. Kelly and I can only say we are so grateful for everything you did to make the event a success."
- Ed R.
"Hi Jerry, I just wanted to say thanks for getting these printed and delivered so quickly. They look great. We are very happy with the printing and the stock. All of your team took very good care of us."
Lisa J.
"Hi, everyone!
Just wanted to let you know that we received our copies of the September newsletter yesterday and the issue looks terrific!!!!! Looks beautiful. Thanks for another terrific job!!"
- Karen S.
"Hey Norman - We got the business cards and notepads today. You would have thought we all hit the lottery! They all look great! Thank you for all your help with these."
- Sarah S.
"The calendar looks great and I got mine at home today! What great timing!!!
"I just received my USC Grad Fair mailing today. You absolutely amazed me that you got it turned around so fast and it delivered completely on schedule! Thanks for doing such a great job!"
Sorry man. Wrong person. That [email] was supposed to go to a different printing company that still hasn't shipped my residential maintenance brochures. You guys did my commercial one. I know�why would I use someone else :-) "
-B. Smith
Thank you so much. The brochures and the boards looked great. Thank you for doing such wonderful work in a short amount of time. Blessings"
"Thank you Jerry! Card is beautiful, and as always, we appreciate your expediency!"
- Kim K.
"Hi Jerry and Glen,
I received the samples today. They look great!! Thank you for your support and great work.
Happy New Year!" - Namie A.

Case studies:
Erika, a 10 year client, was interested in moving her mailing business to PG, as she could see the direct benefit in time savings. We asked her, what is the biggest complaint you have about your mailing? Her reply was that "I always get so many pieces returned from our mail list. I know it is out of date, but I have never been offered any solutions". We offered NCOA (National Change of Address) processing of their current list to see if we could update the bad addresses so they could reach the benefactors who's mail keeps getting returned. The net result was a $60.00 savings on the very first mailing, and a $173.00 savings on future mailings, until the list needs to be updated again. These savings were for postage only, as we only eliminated 2 addresses, but updated over 140 that had moved, and now their addresses are current.

Hope For Life upgraded their newsletter/fundraising effort with a full-color, personalized envelope: "My Aunt has donated to Hope for Life and has received the personalized mailings sent from Progressive. She asked so many questions about the personalization of the envelope, etc. She thought it was a great outreach effort." - Ross